Dotloop Questions

Questions related to Dotloop and why OREF is not currently licensed with Dotloop as a form provider.

Why are OREF forms not available on dotloop?

As of January 1, 2021 the OREF library is no longer available for direct access through dotloop transaction management software. Dotloop users may still use the transaction tools available in the software, however, users will need to initially complete their OREF documents in one of the other platforms licensed to host the OREF library directly before transitioning the file to dotloop.
At Oregon Real Estate Forms we are committed to elevating the real estate industry by providing high quality, legally informed, and accurate transaction documents and resources. We understand the valuable role the OREF library has in Oregon real estate transactions, and take every precaution to ensure that the integrity and the intent of these documents are not compromised or otherwise hinder the transaction process.
The OREF library is a digital product which is licensed for use by individual subscribers and access through transaction management platforms such as Lone Wolf (zipForms) and SkySlope. As part of our commitment to our subscribers and the Oregon real estate industry we are continually improving our technology to afford subscribers with more options to access the OREF library with enhanced security and subscription validation. Additionally, OREF requires each of the transaction platforms licensed to host the OREF library to demonstrate their program incorporates reasonable effort to protects the integrity of the OREF library, prevents modifications to the form content, limits access to the forms only to OREF subscribers, and ensures that only most accurate and up-to-date forms are available.
In late 2019 OREF identified concerns that the dotloop system was not providing the expected level of protection as our other platform hosts were. The system was allowing access to the OREF library without a valid OREF subscription, sharing forms, and modifying the form content. We had hoped by deploying an temporary solution and allowing dotloop time during 2020 to update the software, we would be able to continue with a new license agreement. However, as of November 2020, dotloop had not yet implemented or planned to implement the necessary features to securely protect the integrity of the OREF library. As a result, we were not able to renew our license with dotloop to host the OREF library.
While we understand this may be frustrating to dotloop users, we must hold fast to our commitment to our subscribers and preserve the integrity of the transaction process.

Why do I have to manually edit the fields in my forms on dotloop?

As of January 1, 2021, dotloop is no longer licensed to host the OREF library. If you have an OREF subscription, you may access and create new forms through one of the transaction software providers licensed with OREF.

Once the form is created and filled out, you may upload it to dotloop to utilize their other transaction management tools. However, storing blank forms and altering the pdf may violate your forms user license agreement and/or OREF copyright protections. See the attached article.

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