What if you are not sure if you (or your company) have an active subscription to the current OREF library?

• Check with your principal broker.
We have seen some instances of broker platforms allowing sharing of outdated or incorrect
forms with subscribers and non-subscribers of the OREF library. Principle brokers with a multiuser subscription to the OREF library will have renewed the subscription with the total number
of users in the agency.
• Check with OREF.
Please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know when your subscription expires or if
you have an active subscription.
• Check on zipPlus.
Even if you do not actively use zipPlus as your primary platform, you can still use your free
zipPlus account to verify that you have an active OREF library subscription. If you login and
your account does not allow access to the OREF library, contact us and we will verify your
subscription status.