Why is it important for everyone using an OREF form to have a subscription?

• Only subscribers have access to the most up-to-date forms.
Our Forms Committee works diligently each year to ensure the OREF library is accurate, legally
up-to-date, and reflective of industry practices and standards. Shared forms or forms
downloaded without a subscription may not be the most current version and could put you and
your client at risk.
• Transaction details may not be accurate.
With an OREF library subscription, the name of each user prints at the bottom of the form, this
identifies the broker responsible for the transaction. Sharing forms may cause confusion or
misunderstanding around which broker is responsible.
• Working together to build client trust and elevate the transaction process.
The form version date and name of the responsible broker appears at the bottom of each form for
each transaction. This provides reassurance to the other parties that the transaction is completed
with the most current requirements and practices
• Protects the integrity and validity of the transaction
Forms that have been altered, manually uploaded, or otherwise tampered with can ultimately
lead to questions around the validity of the content and the timing of the modifications to the
document. It can be difficult to determine if the modifications were made before or after the
document was signed and if any other modifications were made to the content.